Hi! I'm Bianca, a happy hour loving mom of two. I make lame jokes all the time (no need to fake laugh, I'll laugh enough for all of us). You can catch me watching The Bachelor on a Monday evening, with a cheeseburger in hand, or traveling ANYWHERE with my little family. I'm a Leo, enneagram 7, Portland OR native, but holy smokes, after 15 years, Texas now feels like home and i'm so happy to be here!

I'm here to capture the magic in your moments.

a bit about this mama & San antonio Family photographer

Traveling (fav so
far is ireland)

bingewatching gilmore girls & schitt's creek

iced brown sugar OAT
MILK shaken espressos

70s Jams... ABBA, The Bee
gees, all the good stuff.

A few things I love:

 Throw kids into the mix and life moves at double speed! Let's  slow down, even for just a moment, to capture what life is like now. To get shots of little hands and feet, giggles, embraces, love, is such a privilege. 

Life doesn't wait for anyone...


My Approach

People can be uncomfortable in front of a camera (I know that firsthand). But I totally get it! You might feel nervous or awkward at the beginning of a shoot, so I do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Life is messy and not everything is posed, so don't apologize for the chaos, the giggles, or those big toddler emotions. 

Let's capture your story.

As a mom, I've said many times that I want to bottle up a certain moment. But what's amazing is... you kind of can. You can freeze a moment in time to remember this season as the way it is now.

Growing and changing is unstoppable, but we can take a little bit of that precious time and live in a moment you'll want to remember forever.

Just a mom with a camera that gets it.

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