My name is Bianca and I am a Texas living, happy hour loving, mom of two who just wants to create a moment you’ll want to remember always.

Still not convinced? Well here's some more things to note about me:

I make lame jokes all the time that I totally think are funny (no need to fake laugh, I'll laugh enough for all of us)

I'm great at catching things...because I have to compensate for how much I drop them.

And if I am unavailable on a Monday evening - it's because I'm really into (my guilty pleasure) The Bachelor. And cheeseburgers. And watching The Bachelor while eating a cheeseburger.

More things i love

I can't wait to meet you!

hi friend!

all the 70s jams, abba, beegees, etc.

bingewatching gilmore girls & schitt's creek

an iced brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso

hazelnut and chocolate anything

travling! Fave so far is ireland

hiking with gorgeous views

Life keeps moving and doesn't wait for anyone. Throw kids into the mix and life moves at double speed!

Getting to slow down, even for just a moment, to capture what life is like now, is such a privilege. To get shots of little hands and feet, giggles, embraces, love.. it's magic.

I know as a mom, I've said many times that I want to bottle up a certain moment or feeling, and what's amazing is... we kind of can. We get to freeze a moment in time and go back to it every time we see that photo.

Kids growing and changing is unstoppable, but we can take a little bit of that precious time to document and live in a moment we'll want to remember forever.

bianca's Philosophy

Photo By: Brittany Welch Photogrpahy

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